Readings for CDNS 4901-5003 Special Topics in Heritage Conservation and Sustainability

  • Athena Institute/ Parks Canada. 2009, “A Life Cycle Assessment Study of Embodied Effects for Existing Historic Buildings,” pp. 1-8, and 18-22.
  • Avrami, Erica, 2011, “Sustainability and the Built Environment: Forging a Role for Heritage Conservation,” Conservation Perspectives the GCI Newsletter, Heritage & Sustainability, 26.1: 4-9.
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  • English Heritage, 2010, Flooding and Historic Buildings – Advice Note, pp.1-16.
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  • Tandon, Sumeet, 2011, “The evolution and contradiction of Ontario’s land-use oversight mechanisms and their implications for urban sprawl,” Carleton University, Centre for Urban Research and Education (CURE) Policy Brief no.2, May 2011, 6p.
  • Throsby, David, 2003, “Sustainability in the Conservation of the Built Environment: An Economist’s Perspective,” in Teutonico, Jeanne Marie and Frank Matero, editors, Managing Change: Sustainable Approaches to the Conservation of the Built Environment, Proceedings of the 4th Annual US/ ICOMOS International Symposium, Philadelphia, April 2001. Los Angeles: Getty Conservation Institute, pp. 3-9.
  • Uchiyama, Christienne, 2012, “Waste of Place: Heritage Conservation and Environmental Assessment,” The Many Voices of Heritage, Canadian Studies Heritage Conservation Programme Symposium. March 24th 2012, Ottawa, 9p.

Other related references by Susan Ross, the course instructor

  • “How Can We Use Heritage Conservation Districts to Make Ottawa’s Historic Neighbourhoods More Sustainable and Resilient?” Paper presented at Métissage, Annual Conference of the Association for Preservation Technology International, Québec, Québec, October 28, 2014 (related article in production).
  • “Flotsam, Jetsam and Derelict, Classifications of Architectural Waste,” Paper presented at Past and Presence, Annual Conference of the Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada, Fredericton, New Brunswick, May 30, 2014 (related article in production).
  • “Overview of 2014 Round Table,” Exploring the Cultural Value of Nature: a World Heritage Context, Round Table Organized by the Canada Research Chair on Built Heritage Faculty of Environmental Design, Université de Montréal, March 14, 2014. http://www.patrimoinebati.umontreal.ca/documents/Proceedings_2014_FINAL.pdf
  • Conserver le bois moderne: des stratégies environnementales pour un patrimoine organique,” in France Vanlaethem and Marie-Josée Therrien, editors, La sauvegarde de l’architecture
 modernePUQ, 2014, pp.305-324.
  • “How Appropriate is Our Technological Heritage?” Carleton University School of Canadian Studies Heritage Conservation Symposium (proceedings), Carleton University, 2013.

    Click to access Ross-CU-HC-Symposium-2013.pdf

  • Book Review: “Sustainable Renovation: Strategies for Commercial Building Systems and Envelope by Lisa Gelfand and Chris Duncan,” APT Bulletin (2012) 43.4, p.57.
  • “How Green was Canadian Modernism? How Sustainable Will it Be?” Docomomo International Journal, special Canada Modern issue (2008), pp.67-73.
  • “Saving Heritage is Key to Sustainable Development,” Heritage (Spring 2006).
  • “Integrating Environmental and Cultural Sustainability for Heritage Properties” (with Andrew Powter), APT Bulletin (2005), 36.4, pp.5-11.
  • “Sustainable Historic Places: A Background Paper for the Historic Places Branch, Parks Canada,” Revised edition for publication, 2008. http://www.heritagecanada.org/sites/www.heritagecanada.org/files/SustainableHistoricPlaces-R2008-05-EN.pdf

Additional sources for sustainable heritage conservation case studies in Canada include:

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